Monday, January 11, 2010

2 out of 3 of today's recipe creations from PW's fabulous cookbook were ones I had done before so I knew what I was doing a little better than usual and I wasn't startled with 3 tsp. of vanilla?! Really? (as in the last post about my (non) mocha brownies.

I made French Breakfast Puffs last night and they tasted every bit like the butter soaked sugary niceness that they embody. A wonderful cross between a doughnut and a slab of that carnival fried dough.

Basic Breakfast Potatoes are just another way of saying home fries. This gives the very basic foundation recipe with a few ideas to kick it up a bit. I made mine with some Jack cheese and a little extra seasoning salt. This is a dish you need to keep tasting till you get it right. (sounds good to me)
I served it with eggs, (for me and Katie) bacon, and pancakes. My heart is thanking me right now I'm sure.

And the final recipe was the Angel Sugar Cookies. These I made a wee bit too large. (hers in the picture looked bigger to me) But they are delicious. (even if they don't have any chocolate in them) Flaky and delicate, they taste a bit like a cross between a shortbread cookie and a basic sugar cookie. I think I will have to add some chocolate to them, just to see what that's like. I have a candybar I could melt and drizzle over them. We'll see how motivated I am in the morning.

I overheard this earlier:
Katie: "You can't say raccoon!"
Shannon: "I can too! Raccoon! Duh!"
(my 3 year old baby) Katie: "My name is not DUH!"

I was impressed.

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  1. I'm very impressed with all of your cooking skills and ambition! Cooking has never been something that I've been all that great at (probably because my husband has always liked to cook, so I never really had a need to learn.) Anyway, maybe I should get on board with PW's book. Everyone seems to love it!

    PS - Thanks for saying I look decent without make-up......I know you're just being nice but it was sweet of you to say! :)