Monday, January 25, 2010

Pregnancy is having an effect on me I never would have predicted. Or maybe I'm just counting on it to be the excuse for my stupid actions. Which I could have predicted because I did that the other 3 times.

Either way, I don't know why I do the things I do sometimes.

I've taken Katie to the library for story time for about a year now and though she never admits she wants to go, she always does. And though she refuses to join in the silly songs and won't sit upright, (she likes to lay upside-down on my lap) I know she is listening and having a good time.

Today was the first of a new round of story times and I was looking forward to going with her. But then Tim found out he had to work at the baby store this morning and with one car, that meant no library today.

Did that stop me?


I foolishly decided to put Katie in a raincoat, carry my biggest umbrella proudly and push the stroller happily to the half hour song and dance spiel while singing in the rain.

I mean it wasn't raining that hard. And the library is what, a mile away? We can do that.

I was naively optimistic when we stepped out the door. Just a drizzle, and it's pretty warm. No problem.

About halfway there, I was ready to sacrifice the umbrella up to the wind gods and crawl into a nice hollow tree for shelter. Between dodging the lake-sized puddles and navigating the possessed stroller on a straight course while keeping a death grip on the humongous oh-so-effective umbrella over my head without tangling my hair in the nasty sharp metal parts and watching for stupid speeding drivers, I was a mess.

"Katie, how are ya hon?"
"Wha mom? I fine."
"Great. Do you think you could push me for awhile?"
"Ummm, no, dat's ok."

On we press and I'm getting optimistic we'll make it till we reach the main road and I see that it's a nice gradual long walk uphill.

When did that steep long incline get here? I've never noticed it driving. Ugghhh.

The violent gusts whipped my hair painfully into my face and demanded I release my only protection but I was a steady soldier and marched on. (melodrama anyone? I guess it wasn't that bad...)

The way back was not nearly as awful except I was exhausted. I really need to work out or at least get out more.

I did make that Chicken Pot Pie last week and it is one of the best things I have ever eaten.


The homemade crust is so savory and flaky, I ate an entire half of extra crust I had baked and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. (that's what mom used to do with the extra dough--it's yummy)

Today I made the Sherried Tomato Soup.

Only without the sherry.

Or the onion.

Or the heavy cream. (I was out of it since this was last week's recipe. But I substituted sour cream and milk.)

It's the tastiest tomato soup I've ever had. And I don't really love tomato soup either. I have to be in the mood and really doctor it up with cheese and crackers.

Figures I would like this, I think the heavy cream/sour cream completely negates any nutritional value it once may have held.

I don't care, I'm pregnant.

Tomorrow is Meatballs and Ranch (as in dressing) with iceberg lettuce wedge.


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  2. I knew you'd love the pot pie. I should have made it tonight instead of the chicken soup (?) recipe on PW's web site today.

  3. Was the soup that bad? I didn't really look at the recipe, I just keep checking to see who won the getaway contest.

  4. Love the pic you chose to go with it...very dramatic!Amazing how you never notice the incline of something until you walk,bike,or push a stroller up it!!