Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Smokin' babies.

Great image? Great band at least.

That's us. We're having kids so fast they're on fire.

Since many of you know already and Tim, (even though he was in denial till today) has managed to go way more public than I have yet, (thanks to facebook) I might as well make it official.

Baby #4 is due Sept 9.


I should have seen this coming, the signs were there. Tim got a second job at a baby store, I just posted about feeling detached in a good way from the baby crowd (there's some funny life irony) and whenever anyone asked if we were done having kids, my response was always "never say never". (though secretly I was not keen with being pregnant and delivering and feeding a newborn again.)

You see, I like kids. I love my kids. But I really don't do well with the extreme sleep deprivation a newborn causes so that personal demon is waiting patiently for me. My youngest child syndrome causes me to fly into fits of selfishness here and there. My first reaction when I saw the positive test was, "crap, now I can't go horseback riding for a while". Then it was "oh #$@&, I remember the nonstop crying". Then I wanted to crawl into bed under my horsie blanket and suck my thumb. (rather my two fingers-I guess that's what I did when I was little)

So after a little shell-shock and time, Tim and I are slowly accepting the fact that we are no longer in control of our home anymore. The part of head-of-the-house will now be played alternately by 4 evil children.
But what a blessing. Some folks endure so much pain and emotional suffering just to have one child.

Now we'll have 4 kids who can argue about which nursing home to send us to when we're old.

Marlboro Man's favorite sandwich today. Yummy. Great for the baby. They love butter. From now on I'll just say everything that calls for more than 1 stick of butter from PW's book is "good for the baby" and I'll eat two helpings.

Does anyone know of a good prego-exercise routine? I might need it.


  1. I think you are just taking this Pioneer Woman stuff a little too far - even she hasn't announced that she is pregnant - with her addiction to babies. Are you sure that you are not just trying to get an advantage with her contests - adding a newborn baby pic with every contest answer???

  2. Oooh, good idea! I'm determined to win a pair of Lucchese boots.

  3. Congratulations! I knew you were in trouble when you posted that Marlboro Man-type picture of Tim! So what colors for the nursery? I've got only about 7 months to make a quilt and knit some baby things!

  4. AAAWWW!!!! Congratulations!!!!! I was SO excited when I read the news! I'm so happy for you and your ever-growing family! Can't wait to read all about your pregnancy in the upcoming months. This is going to make for some hilarious stories from you! Best wishes! ENJOY!

    PS - Wish I was in the same boat....being 42 is not helping in that department...I'll have to live vicariously through you! Except when you are up at 2:00 AM and I'm sleeping soundly - just kidding! :)

  5. Nursery?? Are you planning to build a new room as well? Whatever you have in your knitting basket will look great! Thanks!

  6. PJmama-I wish you were in this boat too! I could use a baby buddy. (my mom had me when she was forty so don't give up yet!)
    Thanks for the well wishes:)

  7. Thanks, Mary! I will definitely keep you posted, should anything "develop"...it would be so fun to be baby buddies!!!