Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today's Pioneer Woman self indulgent menu: fresh guacamole made with yesterday's leftover pico de gallo and Migas.

It turned out for the best that Tim got called in to work at his second job today because he would have been pretty hungry seeing as how he just plain doesn't do guacamole and he doesn't like eggs in the slightest. (main ingredient in migas)

Once when we were first married I decided to make him eggs for breakfast because that's what people who love each other do. They prepare meals the other despises on purpose just to make them prove to you how much they love you by eating every bite.

I had no idea he was not fond of eggs.

And he ate every bite.

Then when I discovered the truth I cursed him out for not coming clean with me at the time.

I never claimed to be a nice bride.

My baby girl on the other hand is the one other being in this house I can share my passion for what I once referred to as frog brains. (was that it? it's some reference to The Muppet Movie I can't quite remember) Then I tried it again without looking at it. (still talking about guacamole here, in case I'm losing you) Then I decided it was delicious. I know it's not pretty stuff but it's so yummy.
Together we mopped up that guac. like a five year old gorging on a precious twinkie at a playground full of hungry bullies.

The migas were not her favorite, though she nibbled on all my pepperjack cheese before I even put it in the dish.

I quartered the recipe and still had lots leftover. Filling stuff.

This picture is just for fun. We played a little outside tonight in the (proper amount of) snow.
That's what I remember as a kid. Playing in snowpiles bigger than me. Digging tunnels through plowed parking lot piles. Not ever feeling cold. Why does that phenomenon only happen when you're a kid?
Then we watched some of Coraline in 3-D. (it came with the glasses)
I don't know if I'm just getting old but the 3-D effect wasn't working so much for me. My left and right brain were fighting to see if the red or blue should be dominant. It was a draw and everything ended up looking blurry.
I'm getting old.
I feel separated from the mommy crowd I used to identify with in public with their babies and strollers.
That's not me anymore. I'm an aging mom who dies her hair and won't sit on the floor much now because it's too darn hard to get back up.
How long is it before I can't play ring-around-the-rosie without stopping every turn because otherwise I'll prematurely fall down?
Wait, that's pretty much now. (like I'm playing that game all the time anyway)
That's ok. I like where I'm at now.
Which is easy to say because I haven't hit 40 yet. Watch out then. Mid-life crisis plowing through I'm sure.


  1. I remember making snow tunnels in the snow banks next to the road...how unsafe was that??

  2. I know exactly how you feel about relating to the moms with the little ones, strollers, etc.! My kids aren't "little little" anymore but they aren't teens or pre-teens yet. We're kind of stuck in the middle. But, I really love it! BTW, you are NOT old! Call me when you're 42 and we'll talk! :) Funny thing is, inside my head I'm still late 20's or early 30's....too bad the outside doesn't match! Honestly though, I have enjoyed being in my 40's more than my 20's or 30's. Weird, huh? Never thought that would be the case...but it is. Go figure!!

  3. Thanks PJmom! I do still feel like I'm emotionally 22, just can't figure out what's happening to me on the outside!