Monday, January 4, 2010

It's been eight years since we've gone out for New Year's (I think) so when we were invited to a kid-friendly party at our friend's house, we enthusiastically said YES!
The party was fun, complete with a hot tub, great food, a pinata, and plenty of other kids. Except we didn't go in the tub, (forgot our suits) our supershy offspring did not interact with any other kids, and the pinata... well long story short, a meltdown (Daniel) kept us from staying till midnight.
So home we went. (it really was a great party though)

Kids are in bed by 10:30 and Tim and I stayed up to watch the ball drop like the party animals we are known to be.

It's 11:53 says Ryan Seacrest.

Then it's 12:13. Whoops. We both slept through it. Always next year right?

Also on this challenging vacation, (meaning how do we keep the kids occupied enough so they don't maim each other Aadams Family style out of boredom) Daniel got to see the Monster Jam show and his favorite truck up close.
See how excited he is?
I understand he at least perked up later, when no one was looking.

Anyone remember this era?

The "Let's Get Physical" movement that seemed to focus on supercool headbands and scrunchy rainbow leg warmers but not so much on actual exercise?

Well there's a comeback a brewin' I think.

Today was day one of my PW's fat and tasty cookbook recipe marathon.

On the menu: Pico de Gallo served with homemade chips and Simple, Perfect Enchiladas. (also cornbread, can't forget that even if it was only the box kind)
How can something that contained 3 out of 4 ingredients I despise be so good?
I hate onions, tomatoes and jalapenos. Yet this dip is soooo good. Must be all the cilantro.
There's no other explanation.
And the enchiladas. I was very wary about putting peppers and onions in with the meat. (chicken by the way, I made enchiladas with ground beef before and it's not nearly as good as shredded chicken)
But PW came through and the dish was delicious.
Despite the fact that I've never eaten so many vegetables in one sitting before, I still did a workout in the spirit of the new year. Denise Austin and her painful pilates have now taken ownership of my butt.
I hope it's well cared for.


  1. Love the O.N.J. wanna-be pic!!Adorable!And both Steve and I slept through the ball dropping also...but we're old duds...what's your excuse??

  2. Well, we stayed up to see the New Year in NY (of course that was 10 pm here!) I'm amazed you don't like onions and tomatoes. You and Pattie must be twins born 3(?) years apart!

  3. I love that "let's get physical" is making such a huge comeback! She's really getting into it! So cute!!

  4. It will be great to watch Monster Jam Monster Truck Racing, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.