Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This baby is less than 4 mm long and it's already taken control of my life. Or at least my appetite. Which might as well be my entire world since I dream about food all the time. Ok, I don't. But who doesn't love a good steak dinner?

It's the strangest feeling to be hungry and to have nothing look appealing, yet when I eat something with lots of flavor, it tastes twice as good as I thought it would. Till I feel sick again five minutes later. My body is so confused. I never had any cravings with my other pregnancies, just food I could tolerate. But last night, in a fit of curiosity, I ate a pickle. And boy did it taste pretty good. It also made the "sickness" go away, at least temporarily. So much for dispelling that wive's tale.

Unfortunately, my relief was short-lived because today I did not enjoy my hard-earned painstakingly tedious to prepare meal. (ok, it wasn't that hard to make)

The little brat.

I cooked the beef tenderloin to a higher temperature than PW recommended because I don't like my meat still moving and I figured this can't be good for the baby. As you can see, it was still bloody. (even just typing that makes me want to be sick right now. I've always been squeamish. In high school, I couldn't take notes in science class about blood or eyeballs because my hand would go limp)

So I zapped it till it was a more comfortable color and it tasted fine. But again, I think I've been cheated out of what would have been a delectable dish. Woe is me.
The Creamy Rosemary Potatoes were a bit of a disappointment too. For some reason, whenever I make scalloped or thinly sliced potatoes, they never cook properly. I cooked these for well over an hour and they were still stiff. Also, in the directions, she says to slice the potatoes and then put them aside while you prep other stuff. I knew what effect air had on freshly cut potatoes but I thought maybe the sauce would save them from the ugly-turning-pinkish-gray fate. No such luck. So they were stiff and corpse-like for eating.
I think I'll stick to mashed.
Now I'll probably dream about zombies or something.

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  1. Morning sickness bites....but it's so worth it, right? Hang in there!