Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We get a lot of snow here.

(disclaimer: above picture referred to as "here" is not actually "here" but a remote setting in Germany used to make the idea of "here" more appealing. And to subliminally suggest to the reader that the sky here in upstate NY is in fact blue thus enriching a general nice feeling as you read this substandard post and leave it thinking 'Wow, that Mary, what a nice gal." Or not so much if you prefer Florida)

It's cold "here" anyway and so I did not feel like bundling everybody up for 45 minutes only to play outside for five before it got too frigid to feel our faces.

But the kids really wanted to try out the snowman kit from grandma so they improvised.

Meet "pillowman".

Despite the houses and street and traffic, there was a lovely sunset tonight.
(that would be my wordless Wed. pic if I only felt like not writing.
But I don't. (feel like not writing, though I do feel a little nauseous/icky already. Could that be in my head?)
We told the kids about the baby this morning. They were pretty excited. Shannon wants a girl of course and Dan wants a boy and Katie doesn't seem to really care except she wants to make sure the baby gets that she "is a BIG girl". Nothing really phases her.
When Shannon came home from school she asked me: "Are you going to have a baby genie?"
A baby genie. You know, like a genie that's a baby."
"Ummm, where did you get that idea?"
"I don't know, I just thought of it."
I hope she's not thinking of the diaper genies. Weird.
Also stinky.

Chicken spaghetti for lunch today. I skipped the onions and peppers and pimientos though. My stomach has been a wee bit more picky lately so I had to "dumb it down" a little. (sorry, couldn't think of a better phrase) Also, I didn't feel like chopping an onion. Lazy.
This dish was nice for Katie and me, though I don't think Tim would like it a whole bunch. (he worked both jobs today so he missed my delectable 4-course fancy cuisine/casserole) It's a great comfort food but he's not big on chicken and cheese together.
I loved it. The cayenne and cheddar cheese gave it so much flavor. I had a second helping. And maybe a third but they were small portions and lunch is my big meal ok? And oh yeah, I'm pregnant. (I'm gonna milk that one a lot, get used to it.)
I did drizzle melted chocolate bar onto those angel sugar cookies too. While the chocolate wasn't the ideal kind for melting and they looked like lumpy brown chunks of... well I'll say chocolate, they tasted fantastic.
Next time with meltable discs.
Thanks everyone for the well wishes and congrats!
I'll make sure to post all the gory details as they come.


  1. Love the "snowman" picture!So much warmer doing it that way!We could have predicted the kids,come on,have twins and make them both happy!!(was that the sound of Mary throwing something at me??)

  2. I was thinking twins too, wouldn't that be great!:) What was that Mary, I didn't hear you??

  3. That's ok guys, I know exactly who to call at 3am when the baby won't go back to sleep...