Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet."

Really, how important is a name in the grand scheme of things? I mean it's not like something as simple as your name will shape your personality or anything.

Or will it? Maybe a person who's known as Millicent will forever be fearfully dodging the public and taking the spooky dark alleyways to avoid human contact while an Angelina may stop traffic.
(by the way, we don't know what the baby is yet, I'm just throwing out girl's names more because that's what's popping in my head.)

Please save us from naming our child something that just popped in our head.

It's early yet but I wanna have some fun so help me out here.

What monikers strike your fancy? Please don't just shout out your name for heaven's sake! I get it. Everyone would like to have someone named after them. But I know all you people (or many of you...who's really out there?) I'm looking for what we haven't thought of yet.

We have a couple ideas but plan on having a backup boy and girl name picked out, in case they just don't look like a Mildred. Or a Fannie. Or a Jehoshaphat.

Oooh, Rose is nice, maybe overused.

How about Trigger? (kidding)

We know what we like but I think some fresh ideas would be helpful and fun.

Fire away! We certainly don't care about hurting anyone's feelings if we don't pick their name...

I made Comfort Meatballs and Ranch with iceberg wedges today.

PW shows the meatballs served with mashed potatoes, (I know, she's just crazy!) but I wanted to go the traditional route and have them with spaghetti.

Very yummy, though more sauce is needed if you plan on dousing the rest of your meal with the stuff. Tim liked it (the sauce) while I thought not bad, but nothing to shout about either. (again, wacky tastebuds working overtime or perhaps not at all) He said he liked that it was tangy.

The dressing was very smooth. I added a bit more cayenne because I like more flavor. And I went easy on the garlic, (for my stomach's sake) but if I'm ever so inclined to not use the bottled stuff, I will go to this recipe.

Overall, very nice meal, nothing to scream about, but really pretty good.

Tomorrow is Perfect Pot Roast and Chocolate Sheet Cake.


  1. I had a great(or great-great?)grandmother named Fannie...Always wondered how someone would get a name like that.But she would have been born in the mid to later-1800s;guess things were different then,name-wise.I have a cookbook of hers...very interesting!

  2. It has to be a saints name and I don't mean a football player.

  3. Well, there is a family tradition that the first name should be Mary--Mary Clare, Mary Teresa, Mary Lou, Mary Beth, etc. etc. And of course, there's Teresa Marie!