Thursday, January 7, 2010

My biscuits are burnin'!

Meal #4 in the PW cookbook self-imposed silly project: Chicken fried steak and biscuits. (by the way, why is it called "chicken fried"? There is no chicken involved. I've never made fried chicken. Does it have to do with that?)

I'm not putting up pictures today because frankly, I don't feel like it.

Also the meal was just plain ugly.


You really want to see it?

Ok, but don't say I didn't warn you.

I burned 'em good. The recipe said bake them for 11-14 minutes. So, because I live dangerously (lazily) and figured I'd save the hassle of resetting the timer for one more minute five times, I set them for 14 minutes.

They were nice and crispy.

Doesn't this look appealing? Kind of like some leftover special effects from the movie Alien?

And how is the special breaded coating supposed to stay on the meat?

Because every time I make this, (ok, the 2 times I made it) it falls apart and looks a mess.

It tasted ok but look at the gravy! Somewhere somebody from the set of Jaws is looking for the missing props of blown up shark meat.

I decided to have veggies too so I added canned mixed ones from Aldi's. Another mistake. I didn't even save the leftovers.

I'm not going to rate this one because had I done it properly, I may have been able to give it a fair chance. Instead I'll let the poor memory of a crappy cuisine be layed to rest.

Dinner was fun too.
I served leftover spaghetti and meatballs. But the spaghetti was a hodge-podge of different shaped pastas so I took the time to weed out the spaghetti strings for Daniel in anticipation of his defiance to eat such a meal. (he has eaten it before, but not enough to qualify it as familiar food)

"I want more sauce! Where's the sauce?"

"We don't have any more, but look! I gave you all strings."

*louder* "I want sauce! I'm checking the cuvords for sauce!"

*me impatiently* "We don't have any! Sit down and eat."

"I'm making chicken!"


Now he's making velociraptor noises and raging around the living room and yelling at me.
I told him to go to time out for his behavior and he buried himself under all the couch cushions.

Then Shannon says "Can I have Dan's spaghetti?"

Then everything was back to normal like a violent tornado had blown through and now we could safely come out of the storm cellar, slowly.


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  1. At least you tried, right? :)

    I just have to say that when I was in college I worked at a restaurant that served Country Fried Steak and Chicken Fried Chicken. My husband (then-boyfriend) and I had multiple discussions of what was up with the name. Why Chicken Fried Chicken? Is the chicken fried in... chicken?

    Anyway, cute post and thanks for stopping by!