Friday, November 20, 2009

After the recent Gremlins debacle, I was thrilled to my tootsies when Daniel picked "A Christmas Story" as our movie for the next couple of nights.

Sure, it's a little early, so to you naysayers I say "F-dash-dash-dash"-you. (sorry mom)
It's fun, and I could watch it "in the middle of the summer on the equator!" and it would still be just as entertaining to me.

Sunday, Dan and I were looking at the ads in the paper and we came across the Dick's one. Because it's hunting season, the cover was plastered with guns and rifles. Though Toys R Us kept him occupied a smidge, his eyes sparkled while looking at this.

He started pointing out the different models, commenting his own made-up ideas like: "this one's for a girl (he pronounced it grill) see? it's pink."

I lovingly looked over, nodded and said "those look like the Red Ryder BB gun from the movie don't they?" ( I know these things, guns are my specialty)

Dan says "What's the difference between a beebee gun and a real gun?"

I knowingly answered "BB guns shoot beebees and don't do as much damage, real guns are much more dangerous."

Dan gives my midsection a quick worried glance and then says:
"Mom, does a beebee gun shoot babies like from your tummy?"

After drying my tears of joy that my son could be so knowledgeable about hunting equipment, I think I corrected him as best as I knew how.
Every time we try to correct him, the conversation goes like this:
Dan- "It's b-a-y bee gun!"
US- "NO, it's bee-bee gun."
Dan- "Yeah, that's what I said. B-a-y bee gun! It shoots baybees!""

Tonight, after saying our prayers, Daniel wanted to add his own spin on a prayer.

He cleared his throat and said importantly:

"God of Life.
Give me food.
And thank you for all the people in the world.
And help me.

And I said "Amen!"

The only time I will allow everyone to get up from the table during a gourmet pizza meal (which you can hear me chewing) is to rock to Journey. So what if the "guitar" is backwards?


  1. What a fun dinner! Looks like you've got yourself your very own rock band!

  2. Love it."Journey"...yes,they are my grandkids!!