Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let me start by reminding everyone that parents make mistakes. (particularly me...a lot)

Usually they are along the lines of "Oh, so that's how you do math now? It was different back in my day." or "I know you must have taken my lip gloss because I can't find it anywhere."
It can be easy to put the blame on the kids because they are wrong so much of the time and are in constant need of adults' expert guidance and wisdom to help them navigate through life successfully.

Not in this case.

Here, I'm just plain wrong and I have no excuse or justification.

As I was searching for our next flick for movie night, I quickly passed over all the same old ones we've seen a million times. (Cars is great but by the 1,458th viewing, even the tractor tipping loses it's magic)

I came upon Gremlins, released in 1984.
Back then, movies for kids were a little edgier and I'm pretty sure PG-13 was in it's infancy. (if it existed at all yet)

I have fond memories of this movie. I saw it at Grandpa's and thought it was really entertaining and funny. I don't remember being scared or grossed out much so I thought, ok, this is worth a try.
Cute little fuzzy wide-eyed creatures and mischievous green...well, gremlins. This'll be good. Didn't Jim Henson do the puppetry?? (by the way, I'm pretty sure he did not)


Last night we watched the first half hour. Adorable little creatures multiply into more furry critters.

Tonight, part two: sweet fuzzy pets morph into the inevitable gremlins--violence follows.

It's not such a bad movie for slightly older kids, but when the knife-wielding mom microwaved the third gremlin, I made the kids cover their eyes and movie night ended soon after.

I know I'll be up all night with the lights on joyfully singing about raindrops and roses and cream colored ponies to make up for this doozie.

Sorry kids.
(pansies :)


  1. Don't worry Mary, when they get older I'll teach them how to get back at you...

  2. Tony was pretty young when I took my kids to see it.It only took him a year or two to get over it!