Monday, November 2, 2009

Anyone remember that scene in "Signs" where Mel Gibson is talking to Joaquin (yes I had to look up the spelling) Phoenix in a dark room? It's not particularly scary except that their eyes look like this the whole time.
And that made me nervous.

I think this frightens me a heck of a lot more.

I really struggled with the decision of where to trick-or-treat this year. On the one hand, our neighborhood is our neighborhood and we should really be getting to know the neighbors more than just a quick wave or a 'sorry I backed into you'. (that really happened, though not entirely my own fault)
But on the flip side, Grandma's is way more practical.

Instead of walking an obscene distance while convincing the kids they have to feel the burn before they are rewarded with a stale stick of gum, Tim's hometown street is a lovely short walk. The houses are close together and almost every one has the light on.

And I'm lazy.

*Bing* Easy choice. This street knows how to do Halloween right.

No need to ring doorbells, it's so populated with costumed kids that homeowners better have a backup candy-giver to allow for potty breaks.

All the houses are elaborately decorated. Intricately carved pumpkins, creepy music, orange lights, excessive cobwebs, spiders...oh the spiders. (shudder) One house even had someone dressed up like Mike Myers raking the lawn.
Now that's what I'm talkin' about. (I really regret not getting a picture of that. Or any really good shots. Juggling an unwanted witch hat with a three year old's hand and trying to get a steady shot of moving objects in complete darkness is a skill I haven't mastered yet.)

When I was a kid, our street was all lit up, but it felt more ominous and quiet. There was a tense fear of a real hidden boogieman then, versus the more entertaining quality Grandma's street held.
Because I'm not particularly fond of being up all night convincing my kids there is no boogieman while simultaneously convincing myself of that very same fact, I think we'll stick to Grandma's for now.

I'd much rather see faces like this (nephew Connor) rather than the top one.


  1. The kids did seem to enjoy the hectic Halloweening of our street!Where was someone when I needed a potty break with kids coming full tilt,banging on the door?And could you have "Photoshopped" my face out of the picture with THAT was scary!!

  2. Sorry Carol! The pic wouldn't be so bad if I didn't cut the top of your head off. As soon as I get photoshop I'll be right on that. :)