Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The daunting 10 pounds of potatoes have been heartlessly peeled, diced, cooked and mashed to a pulp.

The homemade beautiful-before-it-was-baked-but-now-resembles-a-wet-coffee-filter crust is filled with chocolate pie and is resting comfortably in the fridge.

The vat of fresh green beans have all been unceremoniously snapped and are awaiting further preparation.

I am sufficiently hungry. (and can't seem to stop drinking milk, what's that about?--shut up Maureen, it's NOT what you want to say)

So in the words of a teeny tiny Dumbledore,

"Let the feast begin!"

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Pig out!!


  1. Hey,you brought it up;Maureen and I just let you start the speculation!

  2. Well, Maureen's always the first to know!