Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My head is beginning to remind me that even though I have been taking every effort to prevent it, I am getting a cold.
So my brain kind of hurts right now.
I started to look for pictures I could post to avoid using my throbbing cranium to write this, but then I got it in my head I had to find old pictures of Katie because I haven't seen any in a while. Where did they go? How can a digital image get lost? At least in photo albums, if a picture was missing, you knew it went awol because there would be a lonely empty clean square where the photo used to belong.
Now my brain really hurts.
I found some in our documents folder. Why there? Don't really care right now, but I am starting to get the insane urge to acquire actual physical pictures to put in an album so I can avoid hurting my head.

I forgot how cute she looked when her nose turned pink like this.
Sometimes it's fun to lose pictures and then rediscover them. (though I am asking santa to hook me up with the photo fairy and put all my digital pictures together into nice organized albums)

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  1. Oh,those huge eyes over that rosy nose..can't beat it!