Monday, November 23, 2009

And so, with the ending of the weekend, so ends another hectic November chocked full of birthday celebrations.

My exaggerated sighs of relief are driving my family to wonder if I might have asthma.
No more presents...did we get the same number for both? (it's much easier when the numbers are smaller, as in one major with two little ones)
Were the (gazillion) parties enough to leave them lasting and fond memories?
No more baking or preparing, all school and family parties have now been completed with a satisfactory grin on my face knowing I went that extra mile to make the kids happy. I'm sure those regular-ol chocolate chip cookies really wowed them to pieces.

Dang, this week is Thanksgiving isn't it? You know, the holiday where we cook and bake like crazy?
You know, the holiday after which Christmas preparation explodes??
That's ok. I can't wait to make Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes. And my homemade chocolate pie. And ok, I guess I'll make something healthy, like beans. But not without slapping tons of butter on them.
And as for Christmas gifts, that's thankfully mostly done.
So much for my "asthma". (she says while dreaming of mom's homemade rolls...)

I was curiously watching a squirrel out my window today when I turned to Tim and said "It's so funny how they sit on a branch and shake their tails like crazy."
To which he replied "Oh! Is that the light gray one?"
??? No Tim, It's one of those rainbow ones I've been telling you about.
(sorry hon, I couldn't resist.)