Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sorry this is so teeny but I couldn't resist posting it. Although it may appear to have been taken in the 80's, it was only a couple years ago. It was an 80's/90's themed party so up went the collars and on went the bright blue eyeshadow. From sticker albums to smurfs, we paid tribute to all things from our youth.

Renee and Sue have been my faithful friends since kindergarten. We were bus-buddies. Actually, technically, Renee was not supposed to ride our bus but in her true "Renee" style, she managed to get her dad to drive her to our stop so she could be with us. (or at least that's what I'd like to think. Maybe her bus stop was filled with a bunch of morons and we were at least a notch better than that.)

In our little private-school world, all us kids were sorta friends. We all hung out together in random groups at some point and I'm pretty sure all the girls were always invited to the sleepovers. Renee's house was the host of many famous such parties. Anyone remember light as a feather, stiff as a board?
Sue also had a reputation for great parties. She had 4 older siblings who introduced us all to great music like B-52's. And let's not forget our mutual unrequited love for Duran Duran and Rick Springfield.

Playing talk-show, doing the hand jive, Mtv, dancing, watching the scariest parts of "Carrie" over and over, Renee's demands I say "goodnight" before falling asleep, trolling around our hometown to buy penny candy from The Village Shop or stickers from the bookstore, those cheesy dances at school...all these experiences included Renee and Sue and made my childhood richer.

Tonight, we celebrated my birthday at Maria's and I laughed till I cried.
So in keeping with the Thanksgiving season, I'm forever grateful that I have these ladies as good pals still today. In elementary school, there were the girls who manipulated and schemed just to rank up in popularity. It sometimes got quite nasty. And there were those who were just friends and never got caught up in all the drama. Renee and Sue were those guys. They stayed the course and even when I had lots of talking behind my back and wild rumors flying, they never believed any of it. Never have I known more honest and decent people as these two and I am so lucky that they are still my friends.

Thanks for great memories and friendships I'll value always guys!

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  1. So glad you had such a great time!...Bright blue eye shadow is out??Suppose I should toss the slouch socks too..