Saturday, November 28, 2009

He may not realize it, but I really need him. I'm grateful he's around to do for me all the mundane kinda stuff I'm too incapable and too much of a chicken to do myself. (and I'm really not being sarcastic here... really.)

For example, how could I ever take the picture below by myself? There are rare occasions when I ask Tim to take the shots and when I see the results, I wonder why I don't burden him with this chore more often.

I like this picture for two reasons:
One, it is a rare one that has both me and my kids in it.
Two, we are all wearing hoods so I can pretend we are all a band of death eaters on our way to torment some poor muggle. (not that I condone such activities, but someone's gotta play the bad guy in imaginary Hogwart's land.)

Also, I could never do this.

I know because I gave it the ol' college try and failed miserably. Even with a chain saw I know I'd most certainly hack up the poor tree till it looked like Charlie Brown's. (assuming I didn't mortally wound myself in the process, which, given my excellence at klutziness, would absolutely happen.)
I also need this man because just a couple minutes ago, I got up to fetch the camera to download these pictures when I made eye contact with a fat black eight-legged friend, daring me to pass.
As I tiptoed around, I nervously called up to Tim "Hon...get a weapon..."
*urgently* "Get something destructive and get down here right now!"
*now, because he knows me so well he is catching on to what I am talking about and asks* "How large?"
I make a circle with my thumb and forefinger "This large!"
*searching for a book or a baseball bat or a piano, he finds a hammer* "Where is it?"
*me trembling on the stairs* "Just walk straight and look left."
"This? This is it? Come see. I want to make sure that this is it and there isn't another one."
*horrified and shaking violently* "Yeah, that's it."
And just like that, he took care of it, after which he promptly reminded me what a wus I am by saying "I thought you meant the body was that big. Not the whole thing."
At least he didn't catch it and chase me around like a silly schoolboy.
My hero.

Don't get a fat head about it now, that tree you're carrying is only mom's teeny one. I pulled our big fat one on the cart uphill.
Both ways.
I can do some things.


  1. Aww, this post me laugh but mostly made me want to give my husband a big hug and kiss! :)

  2. That's my boy!And I'm glad he doesn't smoosh bugs like his father...using curtains,etc. or squishing them into or onto things (walls,ceilings,counters...and other stain-able things)!

  3. awww...this is a super sweet posting. My husband always thinks I'm being sarcastic when I say something nice.