Monday, November 9, 2009

You'd think being a stay at home mom, I wouldn't care if it was the weekend or not. You'd maybe assume that since I don't have a 9-to-5 job to dread going back to every Monday, that I'd feel happy and content on Sunday nights rather than anxious and angry about the impending ominous beginning of the workweek.

Well, for the most part, that's true. But I still relish the weekend because it's different.

This past Saturday, daddy's work had an open house so we all got a glimpse into the world Tim lives when he's not at home tormenting us. As I was trying to look interested in the spiels about quantum sorters and domestic bulk and some place the employees call "the pez dispenser", what I really wanted to do was take some pictures. (alas, no camera)
Before long, I was pretending I was Indiana Jones and the ark of the covenant was hidden somewhere among all these boxes and scary-high racking shelves.
Except these boxes were way smaller and contained contact lenses, not the historic ark.
And I really don't look much like Harrison Ford.
But Katie got to honk the horn on a fork-lift thingie and Daniel told daddy's boss to "get off his back" so I was still entertained.

Sunday was fun too.
Again, no pictures (sorry)
Shannon, Daniel and I went to church and grandma's on this most excellent unseasonably warm day. We got one last visit to the playground before the snow flies. (and I have tons of great pictures of it in my head)

But the best part of the weekend was dinner Sunday night.

I made ONE MEAL for everyone. I warned the kids that this day was coming and that night, I made the executive decision to make only spaghetti. (well, and meatballs and salad and bread)
And even though Daniel gave us some grief at first, his grumbling belly got the better of him and he came around.
It felt so satisfying. Like this is how it should be.

Shannon may have only been kissing my rear when she declared it "the best dinner ever", but I don't care. It's always nice to hear.

But here we are on Monday and it feels like a Monday even to me.
The tantrums and schoolwork and housework have returned.

At least I'll always have spaghetti.

Yeah, they're sooo funny.
Even still, I couldn't resist this picture.


  1. Is your husband mid-bite or is he actually posing with spaghetti hanging out of his mouth?? FUNNY!!

    I love your new blog look!! Did you change it yourself??

  2. He's posing. such a goof.

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    I'd love to try to design one but I have neither the money nor the know-how nor the patience right now.