Friday, July 31, 2009

"Hey Hey we're The Monkees..."

"... people say we monkey around..."

As I was coaxing some (lots of) potato peelings down the disposal tonight, I noticed a rather unpleasant trickling sound. You know that sound that causes a wee bit of panic? Like "What is spilling?" or "Who's peeing on the floor?"

It turns out our sad ancient little pipes below deck couldn't handle so much waste and water and decided to spit back out and fill the cabinet with yucky wet junk. (thankfully, mostly water)

Being the clever, innovative only-adult-home-at-the-time, I did what anyone would do.

I used duct tape.

Problem solved. (sort of)

Daniel took his tools out and gave it the once-over.

He called it "A Job Well Done" and said "My work here is finished."

No, he really didn't. But he was a very good helper and did his best to fix it with his blocks and screws. He even remembered to bring something to catch the water.

Now if he can only grow the heck up and become the plumber/mechanic/electrician in the family so we can get some free services...

Na, he's still pretty cute. I'll keep him as is.

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