Monday, July 13, 2009

Impromptu fashion shows are so much fun. Especially when they reveal themselves just when I'm beginning to assume the worst. (the house was quiet for too long)

Katie looks lovely in her soft pink Sleeping Beauty gown hand sewn by the furry woodland creatures.

Here is Shannon demonstrating the benefits of a well-chosen veil. (they're fantastic for hiding unsightly blemishes or cranky-puss faces)

And here's our boy. Heels and all. Poor kid, middle child AND the only son. It's not visible but he's also sportin' a pink purse on his hip. Way to accessorize baby!

He redeemed his masculinity when he performed for us original classics like "Happy Happy Crunchy Happy" and "Cracker and Chips." Also hits were "Rubber Duckie in the boat" and "Moon on the Head." He then sang "A Pineapple" and my favorite "There's a Banjo on My Knee."

Watch out Neil Diamond!

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