Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh the noise. The noise noise noise noise noise. Are my ears bleeding? Is my head leaking brain matter? Because right now I'm trapped in the house with 3 effective producers of the most piercing, shrill sounds a human(?) can make.

It's not all bad. They're not fighting. They're actually having a good time. BUT THEY ARE 3 FEET AWAY FROM ME. Can't they hear themselves? They must sound loud to each other.

I wouldn't complain about the weather except that when it's this wet, there's no going outside where the neighbors and birdies are at least assaulted only with a diluted version of this torture.

Okay, enough of that.

Katie is now in a big girl bed and not just the pitiful mattress on the floor. Thank you Grandma! As you can see, everyone enjoyed it like it was a shiny new toy. Almost as much commotion was made over that bed as there was noise tonight. (see above paragraph)

I couldn't even get a still shot of them because of the non-stop bouncing. (is there really anything more fun than jumping on the bed?)

So, while I'm happy when they're happy, I hate to admit that sometimes I prefer them when they look like this.

Speaking of sleeping peacefully, the other night I heard someone move from the girl's bedroom to ours.

After my initial EEEEK reaction and my heart returned to it's upright position, I went up to investigate. There was Shannon in our bed, eyes wide open but kind of glazey.


She then said to me with that spooky face "I need to fix the dishwasher." (or fix something like that, I don't remember)

After I yanked visions of "The Shining" out of my head and came back to adulthood, I told her we would fix it in the morning and that she should go to bed.

She did, but now I'm paranoid that I'll startle awake one night and she'll be standing at my bedside curling her finger and growling "redrum.... REDRUM!"


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