Monday, July 20, 2009


I've had enough of: unfolded laundry, constant kitchen requests, whiny voices, unpaid bills, gray hair, NOISE, dirty fingernails, untimely bedtime routines, dusting, dirty toilets, ants, kitty litter, dog poop, the economy, my potbelly, politics, famous people dying in groups, (and the subsequent media attention) the car and it's illnesses, having a constant shadow, feeling like I have to be clever all the time, talking to the wall, ...resulting in brain cell loss, shaving, empty ketchup bottles, toys....everywhere, commercials, the inability to finish a thought or sentence, being impatient, holey socks, unmade beds, cat hair, cat puke, veiny legs, cellulite, picked noses... you get the picture.

But I'm not complaining. Because as far as I know I don't have cancer. As I get older, more people I know are stricken with this. Many are still so young. When I find myself complaining, I remember these folks and... yada yada yada... we know where our thinking goes from here.

How have I avoided serious pain in my life? When will the big ball drop? (other shoe fall, coin get flipped, tables get turned... wait a minute what was I saying?) Depressing talk, I know. But it seems like I have come close to so much pain and yet not experienced it myself.

This past weekend, (many of you already know this, skim please) I witnessed a horse in pain and subsequently put down. Seeing the horse was bad, but seeing the person who loved him fall apart was so much worse.

Young, virile members (and not so young) of our extended family are getting sick and to be so helpless to do much is... just annoying. There are walks/runs and fundraisers out there but they don't help the people who need it right now. Research takes time and while it's great to help a cause, the truth is it doesn't help those who need it immediately. (at least not to my knowledge. someone inform me if I'm wrong) You can't buy good health. (I see the political implications here and I'm just speaking generally okay?) At least we can think of our kids and the generations to come.

I know, it's all part of life and crap but I guess I'm "in a mood" and I'm sure others have posted the same idea I'm writing about now but what the hell? Cancer sucks.


  1. It's said that God has a purpose for everything that happens.But I've seen too much in my life to not think that some things just get past Him.

  2. I hope your day at Hemlock will cheer you up!