Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Oh my darlin' oh my darlin' oh my darlin' ClemenTIM..."

Sorry, that's really bad. Fortunately for him, he left for work before he could be gifted with my lovely voice. Today is Slick's thirtysomethingth birthday. (I thought I'd jump in with the other bloggers and use a nickname for my loved one)

While I'm aware he is a whopping eight months my junior, (a fact he NEVER lets me forget) he looks older. Not because of his hair certainly. His is only just now turning a teeny bit gray (a fact I never let HIM forget) while mine is still camouflaged by dye. I'd rather not find out how gray I really am right now. He just has a mature look about him. I remember several years ago, maybe before we were even married, he was playing basketball with his buddies at a nearby sports center. Some kids sat down next to us and were cheering (or jeering) the guys on. After a couple minutes I noticed they were referring to one of the players as "grandpa." "Get it in the hoop gramps!" and "Look at grandpa go!" I thought, "who could they be talking about? These guys, while not kids anymore, are still in their twenties." Of course you can guess, they were talking about Slick. He just has a misleading look about him. Till he starts talking. Then you know he's not really fifty-something.

Tim, after picking on you for more than 11 years, (and birthdays) I want to say even though some think you look like gramps, I love that you're still very young at heart and I look forward to sharing all those years it takes to become a real "gramps." (and I can't wait to witness your hair turn gray)

As a special dinner for his b-day, I made another 2 of Pioneer Woman's recipes.

Pasta A-La Marlboro Man and Garlic Cheese Bread. They turned out really good and now, as she recommends in the recipe, it's time to hit the stairmaster. (like I really will... maybe an extra-fast walk with Tobi or something)

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  1. The older look comes from his father's side! I have always loved the picture that you picked!Blankie and all.