Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lately I've been finding it hard to keep the kids occupied for more than 2 minutes without some skirmish of some sort. They have short attention spans. (I wonder where they get that from?)
So they fight and argue when they get bored. It's okay, it's just life. (It's easy for me to say that now that they are unconscious.)

So when I discovered the healing properties of dough I rejoiced. Just plain ole flour and water. No fancy schmancy colored play doh for my little 'uns. No, you'll play with your food and you'll like it! Fun for kids, therapeutic quiet time for mommy. Messy clean-up though.
We also branched out our ant killer 3000 into a handy biscuit maker.

Now what else could hold their undivided attention for say...10 whole minutes? (other than a certain creature who lives in a pineapple under the sea)
(here's where the cute picture of the bunny is supposed to go...stupid computer!)

This lovely little fluffy rodent was discovered by Daniel during our bedtime routine and it was so sweet I let them watch it for as long as they wanted. Daniel didn't think he was getting his fair share of window space but he recovered. (this is where the second pic of them watching is supposed to go)

That little sucker stuck around just long enough for me to start getting antsy to get them to bed.

Then he hopped away and I most certainly did not put carrots out in the backyard for him like a pet. No I did not.

At one point tonight, I was feeling more than stressed about the state of the house and the noise. Well, I'll be honest, I had been rudely awakened from a too-short nap and I was feeling pretty bearish. I snapped a bit about these things and then Katie came up to me and said "I mwub you mommy" and hugged me. I'm not typically a gushy person but that just made me melt and I felt much better.

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