Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wanna know what happens when Daddy calls in "sick" to work? Lots of bad photos (mostly taken by me, not him) and a really messy house. (again, my bad)

The kids really dread this time because daddy likes to pretend he's the drill sergeant from Officer and a Gentleman and straighten out the riff raff. "Kindergarten? There's only two things that come out of kindergarten! Steers and..." well you get the picture. No loafin' on his watch. He will separate the kids from... the other kids.

Well, it has to start with a clean, quiet project. Something that requires expertise only a daddy can provide and is highly educational.

Pay no attention to the equipment being used, we never drink that vile loathsome stuff...

...or waste good household cleaning supplies...

(because they get so much use)

Daniel particularly dislikes this subject and is ashamed we would promote ideas of an explosive nature. He has absolutely no desire to "make it bigger" or "somehow add some noise."

After science class, we warm up for phys. ed.

Daddy's olympic training regimen consists mainly of laps and push-ups. (I couldn't bear to take pictures of the push-ups. So heartbreaking to see the kids on the floor, suffering with a smile so daddy doesn't make them do double-time)

Had enough exercise? Well it wouldn't be a daddy day if we didn't do a little "desk work" now would it?

So studious. I'm so proud.

So much to learn....

They just hate having to sit still for this.

Now they're begging me "Please mommy! Make daddy go to work tomorrow! I hate this torture! Is it time for school to start yet?"

And I think I can hear daddy softly chuckling "bwa ha ha ha ha" while he plots the next evil day to torture the children. I'm not sure but I think I heard something about Chuck E. Cheese mentioned.

Yikes! ....must....warn....kids....

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  1. When is Mommy Day? Every day?