Monday, July 27, 2009

We had such a mind-blowing, hair-raising, stimulating, non-stop weekend, I thought I'd write about our very normal and average day today just to build the suspense. Keep you waiting. Cause I'm not a nice person. I'm so cruel, I made this meal for lunch today. Pioneer Woman's Ranch Style Chicken

After choking this down, I forced everyone to eat no less than 2 each of these.

Or maybe that was just me and it was 5 or something...

Try 'em! They're pretty good! There are many variations possible. I did peanut butter cookies with plain kisses, and choc. chip with rolos. The recipe calls for store-bought dough, I think next time I'll make them with homemade dough. Still, just try and eat less than 2 of them. I triple dog dare ya.

After about five straight minutes of crying, we finally got to see a brand new smile. Katie helped it along while they were wrestling (thus the tears) but in the end, Shannon couldn't stop smiling and talking about it and planning a party. She really wanted to decorate the house to celebrate her lost tooth. She also thought the tooth fairy would bring her presents like Santa does.

Poor Daniel, we spent so much on the fancy dinner and Shannon's party we had nothing left to even clothe him in.

Okay, actually he just got really wet playing in the sink and stripped. Then he thought it would be fun to play in the kitty tube. I think the cats were ticked.

I went to a meeting today to decide if and what kind of therapy Katie will need. She'll start speech 2 days a week in September. During the meeting, I was asked to write down all the social activities she attends and for how long. Well, she's such a socialite I had to ask for more paper and look up the names of all her peeps. What?? She's 3! This was not the first time in this process I was quietly encouraged to socialize my child.

"Does she play often with other children her age?"
"No, no, we just keep her in the basement all the time."

"How often is she exposed to her peers?"

"So often we have to pencil us into her schedule."

"How does she react when she doesn't get what she wants? Does she get upset?"

"No, not at all. She's quite a lady. We're thinking of introducing her to the queen soon."

I know these questions are important for kids who have more needs, and it's just formalities. But I can't help feeling like these therapists (more than one spoke to me about this) are trying to subtly tell me to kick my kid out of the house to ensure she doesn't become an agoraphobic recluse with ADD or something.

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  1. Food looks delicious!And I much prefer this picture of Shannon to the other!The tooth finally came out!How is she going to gross Grandma out now?!Love Dan's one "tube" sock look (snicker)!Katie having issues socializing?Me thinks not!