Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm not a real writer, I just play one on the Internet. It's why I like to use a lot of pictures. They take up space and give me thoughts to put into words.

I took the kids to the kiddie parade tonight to watch other little ones put on homemade costumes and march down the street and throw out candy. It's a tradition I've grown up with. Leah, Emily and I were in it every year. We made our own costumes, though I'm pretty sure Leah's big sis Anne helped us a lot. In fact, I think she did all of the M&Ms. I remember arguing about who got to be what kind. I'm the peanut one. You decide if I won or lost. (I can't remember anyway)

Those were the days when the kids marched alone for the duration of the parade. Now, you see more parents than kids and some don't really seem to have costumes. But there are some really cute ones. We saw 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on a Bed, Snoopy and the gang, a rock band, and my favorites: Jack and Jill with Jack's head bandaged up like a lobotomy patient and Jack jumped over a candlestick complete with a demonstration. Performance Art. So clever and easy to costume.

(I won't post pictures of them, after all, they are other people's kids)

Here we are as The Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker. I got to be the Baker. Yippee! Unfortunately, this costume didn't make it the length of the walk and we deposited it in a yard to be picked up later. The three of us walking together in a box in theory was cute. Not so much in action.

This one is Halloween but I put it in here because it's costumes and I thought it was cute. I'm Underdog, my hero. And I have pantyhose on my head.

The three of us were inseparable. We went to different schools but being neighbors, we spent all the rest of our time together. (at least when Leah wasn't practicing her violin. I'm jealous now, she still plays. Practicing really does pay off)

We were three very different personalities but as children, who cares? Emily was a fashionista, Leah was talented and smart, and I was.... well I'm not really sure...along for the ride I guess. You play with who's available and we were always available.

I'm so happy we're still friends. We may not see each other every night after dinner, but it's like no time has passed when we do.

Here is Emily's high school graduation party. We're almost adults. Still, time doesn't feel like it passes. (except now I should be plucking my eyebrows and apparently I hadn't learned that yet)
"I never had friends again like the ones I had when I was twelve." from Stand By Me

Just take away twelve and insert four and it's us.

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