Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am hereby dedicating this post to Leslie Sansone, without whom I would most definitely need to be rolled out of the house like Violet Beauregard as a blueberry.

I made this devilish recipe this afternoon. (that's Dan's impatient finger) Another from PW's new kitchen site. She needs to stop it right now because pretty soon my butt will be too big for the computer chair that I spend way too much time in.

Katie was willing to try it. She called it a "bol-kay-no"

I told Daniel this was a dessert often called "chocolate lava cake" just to spark his interest. It only had to be dessert for him to be interested but naming it for him may have been a mistake.
He was staring silently at it for a minute and when I asked him what he was doing, he said "I'm waiting for it to erupt. When does the lava come out?" Despite the disappointment over a non-functional lava cake, he still ate it.

Uh oh...after a couple bites, she wasn't so sure... She's smarter than I think. (or is it the other way around? I mean it IS chocolate)

I won't post a picture of me eating it. It's not pretty. Though I did get a renewed ambition to start exercising again.

But then I needed to do something on the computer.

Then my sister called.

Then this little guy showed up in our backyard. "Ooohhh! A cute little woodlandcreaturefuzzybunnywabbit!"

My ADD is at it's worst when I should be doing something else.

Then I bit the bullet and did it. A little Aerosmith, some Clapton, a touch of Linkin Park and Pearl Jam got me through it. Leslie's not too hard. If you really want to do a number on yourself, try any of The Firm workouts. I was a goner the first time I did that one.

And now I'm back on my rear again.

I know there is muscle underneath all this junk. If only I can coax it back into the light.

But I'm determined to keep at it until I knock down those extra chins.

My goal is one chin and right now, I'm counting three so I have a tough road to travel. Or a hard pill to swallow. Or could it be a spoonful of sugar...?
Maybe I'll be more apt to do this if I humiliate myself with progress pictures. I think it's best for everyone to keep it at head shots only.


  1. Just be cautious it doesn't backfire on you and send you into a tirade of baking for years leaving you with too many chins to count, let alone be concerned about getting rid of them.

  2. Did you say chins? I thought you were saying children...