Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I loved it here!
I'm just going to put up more pictures because it was absolutely that spectacular.
(also, remember the sheep I deleted? Fear not lamb-lovers! There are pics for you too.)

I think the imperfection of the glass makes the windows so interesting.
I remember when we had some of our old six pane windows replaced, I missed the wavyness of the aged glass. Till I opened them without popping a shoulder and almost putting my hand through the glass. Then I got over it.

An ad in the window of a "store."
Something about her expression doesn't have me fully convinced that the effectiveness of the product makes it worth buying...

This doll creeped me out a little.
What's with the super teeny tiny feet?

And here's my sheep.

I swear they were posing for the camera.

I'm like an addict. In the absence of larger four-legged animals, (you who know me know what I am referring to) I went a little nuts taking photos of the sheep.

I was desperate to get one of them open-mouthed saying "blaa a a a " but I'm not that dedicated.
(or rather pitiful?)


  1. Great pictures,as always!I'm sure it looks great the rest of the year,but fall somehow makes it look....richer?..more authentic?

  2. OK, I HAVE to comment. I've been a member of the Genesee Country Museum for years, and always invite family to join me. I can even get them in for free. Do they come? NO! Now when MARY says it's fun, suddenly it's cool. No one ever listens to me...oh, woe is me!

  3. Thanks Carol!
    Teresa, you're cracking me up. I'll start on next year's soccer season now...

  4. Beautiful pictures! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  5. What no caption about the sewing machine???