Friday, October 9, 2009

Okay, so am I the only one who thinks headlines like "Oh Dave! He's had a very, very bad week." are not only horribly offensive and insensitive (I know, when has the media been sensitive?) to David's wife but sad proof of what a "master manipulator" he has been known to be?
I don't dislike his show, in fact I prefer it to Leno. I think Letterman has much more talent off the cuff and is just plain funnier. But he loses points big time with me now that he is being portrayed as the victim in this scenario. Master manipulator indeed. He's handled it very intelligently. Now he'll be getting all kinds of offers from young impressionable women that don't work for him so when his wife leaves him and takes all his money too at least he'll have someone to comfort him.

On to the kitchen. Sorry, there's no way I could come up with a clean segue from Letterman's life to the state of my kitchen.
This is what it looked like after I tore off the paper. Someone seems to have painted it blood red and then sunshine yellow over that. But whomever (whoever??) did this must have grown weary of the effort it takes to properly cover the ancient textured plaster walls and said heck with it, I kind of like that it looks like an elephant was hired to paint the inside of a Taco Bell here.
It says "I need to make a run for the border!"

So even though I was growing fond of the putrid color combo every time I fixed a meal, two weeks is long enough to leave it that way. It was time to end it.
I finally found the paint I knew I bought way back when and actually used it. Wasn't it smart of me to put it in the kitchen--the room it was meant for--rather than with all the other paint we own where I kept looking and saying "I KNOW I bought it! I'm not crazy!"
Or maybe subconsciously I knew where the paint was and purposely did not find it till I was emotionally ready for the daunting task.
Yep. That's it.

Now to finish the rest of the room. (only 2 walls are done) Maybe by next year I'll get it started...

And because I don't want to end this post with a poor picture of a room and much too much said about paint, I'll put this up.
Which is scariest: the power of the media, the color of my kitchen, or these mugs?


  1. Dave's a victim of a blackmailer...his wife and family are victims of his offensive behavior!No offense,Dave,but it shows no matter what you look like,celebrity pays!But it doesn't mean you have to play!! is going to look great!!

  2. Ha! Thanks Teresa. Fixed it.
    I don't think Dave's a victim at all. While blackmailing is obviously wrong, this incident has boosted his ratings and has the world laughing about adultery like it's another one of his jokes.