Friday, October 16, 2009

My reasons for writing this blog were mainly to remember all the aspects of parenting through the silly and obnoxious things kids do every day. I don't want to forget this stuff and thanks to my fantastic short-term memory, I've already forgotten what happened yesterday. So I thought this might help.
Also, I wanted to share them with anyone who cared to listen.

When I started, I was quite naive to the fact that there are zillions of other parenting blogs out there. So much for originality. One I follow in particular comes from a dad's point of view which I find interesting. Recently, his blog was showcased on another site dedicated to people who do not have kids and love to berate those that do.

I had no idea there were so many child haters out there. I mean, these people are seriously angry. Apparently all kids are brats and their presence in public is considered vile and obscene and a personal affront to many "child free-ers".

What's obscene are the attitudes these supposed adults are taking by insulting all parents and their families. I understand kids aren't for everyone, and that many are very poorly behaved. But some of these people actually believe all parents are smug such-n-suches who take pride in teaching their kids tricks like misbehaving in public places. Unbeknownst to us, these believers are walking around among us, despising our existence and plotting evil attacks on our blogs. "Sticks and Stones" absolutely applies here.

Unbelievable. As if I walk around thinking less of those who don't have kids.

I've never felt the sting of a hate crime first hand and this doesn't even come close to the very raw (not cyber-world) reality that some must live with day to day. I now have a renewed sympathy for those who suffer from them. Nothing stirred up more anger in me than reading the awful views and malicious comments these people had to say. It took quite a lot of will power for me to not desperately try to defend myself to the hatred. I can't even refer to these folks as people because they've been overtaken by such bitterness. I'm trying not to take it personally.

These folks need lots of prayers, they must be living miserable lives. (not because they don't have kids--I could care less about that. Because of the hatred they feel for their fellow man)
One person actually complained about the format a parent used when they left a comment. Something about it being too large a paragraph with no spaces. Also criticized was the use of two question marks.

Really people? So sad.

Sorry to be a Debbie-Downer. I'm sure something hilarious and interesting will happen over the weekend. Probably involving me making a fool of myself at the wedding we are going to. (I WILL NOT DANCE I WILL NOT DANCE IPROMISENOTTODANCE...)


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  2. This is just another of the narcissist world we live in now. Materialist and selfish people. Wonder how they will feel in their old age with no love or help from children.