Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In keeping with the Halloween spirit, I suddenly decided to make cut out cookies today. I had lovely visions of perfectly formed and painted little decorated yummies that would make Martha Stewart drool.

Katie helped me do the cut out part and gave me a chance to overcome my obsessive compulsion to make one sheet of all the same cookies.
Lined up neatly.
With O-so-much effort put into getting the very most out of each rolled batch.
I am cured and can now boast my new skill at mismatched cookie sheets and thumb prints in the ghosts.

But I never even got to the decorating phase of my ambitious plan.

Something kept distracting me.

Something that, (nevermind that it was my fault I didn't set the timer on this batch) distracted me from my duties in the kitchen and caused my tender treats to look more like crispy crackers.
What could it be? I'm not sure, but it sounded an awful lot like this to me.

I don't recall too many English words but I do think I heard something mentioned about stupid brother, HATE this house, and EVERYBODY'S SO LOUD!. (is she too young to understand irony?)

Once we started watching the rest of Night at the Museum, she was instantly back to "normal."

I feel an ominous countdown beginning. Tee minus five years till tweenhood.



  1. Just put extra frosting on them...they'll soften up and I'm sure will taste great!!(I seem to always figure things out by using more food!!)

  2. At least you baked the cookies, you get credit for trying. A+ in my book!

    Love your scary blog look!