Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We made this tonight.
I figure it's better than spending an embarrassing amount of time on facebook trying to top the high score in bejeweled.
I purposely did not use any references to create this masterpiece because I like to set my standards low, that way no one is disappointed.
And without looking at anything, we made this impressive work of art.
I know, I can't believe it either. (this is where I'd write "NOT" except I'm not a total goon.)
It was a bit frightening to discover what I still have lurking in the kitchen.
Notice the stale lifesavers on top are the yucky flavors? They've been in the cupboard long enough to attain that sticky sheen signifying that they no longer can be classified as "hard candy."

The red thingies are century-old Ludens cough drops. Those were by far the tastier (and yet strangely ineffective) of the two cough remedies offered when I was a kid. The other was Robitussin syrup. Who in their right mind drinks that crap willingly? Thanks mom, I'd rather slowly hack up my esophagus before I ingest that revolting liquid. Heck, I'd FAKE a cough just to get some Ludens. Yummm.
The kids were convinced the ghost was a lollipop.
"No Dan, it's just a tissue."
"But what's inside the tissue?
"Nothing, another tissue."
"But what's that?" (pointing to the ghost-head)
Shannon--"Mommy, what's the ghost made out of? Is that a lollipop?"
Suddenly I have a strange craving for jaw breakers...


  1. Very creative, at least we know you didn't waste your 4 years as an art major at Nazareth.


  2. You are so creative! I wish I could stuff like that....

    Oh, and the cherry flavored Luden's cough drops were my favorite when I was little! They are so good. It was the only good part about being sick! :)

  3. Well,it does LOOK like a lollypop!Isn't that a stick holding it up?Of course,as always,very creative!

  4. Thanks mom! How am I supposed to get away with this level of craftsmanship?? Now there's expectations... I just don't think I can handle that kind of pressure...