Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some days are so productive and some are more like sick days. Today I unofficially called in sick. I'm not really sick but I did everything a person does when they are at home and bed-ridden with a nasty contagious disease.
Again, I'm not sick.
Just pathetic.
Jammies on till noon, watched morning tv, lunch at one... pretty much I was LAZY today.
As I was nestled snugly on the couch with Katie, we were listening to Neil Patrick Harris sing a song about shoes on Sesame Street and I noticed the lovely leaves outside. They are only pretty for like a day so later I went for a stroll outside to take some nice fall shots.

After about five or so failed attempts at making our suburban neighborhood look more pretty, I decided Katie was much more interesting so I focused on her.

We made a game of pulling down the branches and catching the leaves.
(I just accidentally deleted that pic trying to delete the extra spaces. What is with me lately?)

Till the fun ran out.

Then, (BING!) we rediscovered... more leaves!


So it wasn't a totally unproductive day.
P.S. Happy Birthday neighbor Leah!! Hope it was fun!

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  1. What expressions she has!!At least she didn't climb the trees to get the leaves!