Thursday, October 8, 2009

No real post tonight.
I am completely emotionally exhausted from dealing with two outrageous episodes involving an overtired five year old, legos, and a lesson about the meaning of bedtime. It wasn't pretty. Let's just say for once, I wasn't doing much of the yelling. Really, what could I do when the kid was screaming so much he couldn't have heard me anyway?
It's time for bed. I think I'll watch Jim and Pam's wedding tomorrow. (thank goodness for dvr)
I'll have a few things to say later about Letterman's "woes" and also the state of my kitchen. Which both seem interesting now but later will seem dumb I'm sure.


  1. I watched "Jim & Pam's wedding" or suffered through it. I think that show has reached the very bottom with this episode and I didn't think it could get much lower. I can't think how watching it would help your "woes".


  2. Awww mom, you know you laughed when they all vomited all over the office. And I thought it was really sweet when he cut his tie off. It wasn't that bad...