Saturday, October 31, 2009

This is it. The last hurrah before the BIG DAY.
Desperate to not be alone for the viewing of one last scary movie, I enlisted the company of my ever faithful siblings. Yes, I called all of them up and demanded that they come over immediately to have the bejiggers scared out of them or else I would never let them forget how much younger than them I am. (sam I am)
Okay, so coincidentally they all sort of invited themselves over here.
On the same night.
At the same time.
Wait a minute... was this some sort of conspiracy or intervention to get me to... I don't know... socialize?

First, Teresa shows up with a wicked hot soup made with real New Mexican chilies. I mean, this was so fiery that by the time I finished a bowl, (with the help of a substantial amount of milk) I was convinced I had been drooling down my perfectly dry chin. It was like I had just been to the dentist for a novocain overdose. Despite the heat, it really was yummy. Or maybe my tastebuds were just fried.

Then, Tim and Nicole show up with a nice variety of super freaky flicks (I admit, per my request) to choose from. It's the night before Halloween. How can we watch anything that isn't scary?

Poor Maureen. Not the biggest fan of the horror genre, she kept trying to steer us more towards the safer, comedic older movies. (Arsenic and Old Lace) Alas, my broken VCR turned out to be a convenient excuse to see what I really wanted to see. (youngest kid here, I often get my way. I'm also a brat)
It was a toss up between Amityville and Scream.
In the end, we went with Scream. Hopefully, Maureen's boys won't get wind of what she saw because she'll never be able to walk into her ancient and shadowy house after dark without wondering if she might be Punk'd by a cloaked, rubber knife-wielding teenager.

Sleep tight Maureen....mwa ha ha ha ha


  1. Two things saved me last night - the fact that I made Andrew come home before me so I wasn't going home to an empty house and that it was close to midnight and exhausted so I went right to bed and promptly fell asleep (with all of the lights on and the radio playing "oldies"). Now there's a another aspect of that movie that scares me also - the fact that this horror was accomplished by 2 teenage boys (albeit late teens, but teens). I'm sending my 2 teen boys to live with you till they are 20 something.

    Then YOU can sleep with one eye open....

  2. Glad you all had a scary good time!! Looks like everyone got the memo about wearing red! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. So..did anyone "scream"...or at least jump out of their seats??

  4. Ha! Yeah, the picture was taken on Christmas Eve this past year, thus the red.
    And, no, I don't think anyone screamed, but we all jumped once or twice.

  5. Maureen, what you failed to mention was that you WAITED to go home till someone else was there. Braaak bok bok bok.