Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You are lookin' at one blissfully happy and unaware canine.

She just walked a fair distance at a blistering pace like she was still a puppy.

She still thinks she is a puppy and has no idea (or rather, just doesn't care) that when she leaps out at that unattainable squirrel or fellow dog or stray leaf, she is in fact ripping my shoulder from it's socket and running happily away with it after that cat she just can't allow to get away. What would she do if she actually caught something? If her hunting skills are anything like her protective skills then the poor thing is in for a huge disappointment. She's a virtuoso alarm system but lacks in the actual protection department. In other words, her bark really is worse than her bite because I'm quite certain that if we were ever to be in the company of a burglar, she would yap her fool head off from the safety of her favorite place: under the bed.

She has no idea that in dog years, she's at an age when it would be wise to start tapping into her pension and considering one of those help-I've-fallen-and-I-can't-get-up thingies.

And this one is also utterly oblivious to her age and/or size and strength.

She scopes out the challenge.

"That's not all that high, mommy doesn't know what she's talking about! I can shimmy up that better than the greased pole lumberjackers could!"

See mama! No problem!

Okay, so I had a little help.

But tomorrow I'm gonna walk the dog and see what fun that is.


  1. Watch out...won't be long before she won't need help!Was the little pad she was carrying to keep track of all the stunts she does to give mommy and daddy gray hairs?!

  2. I have a couple of dare devils ~ they can certainly age you, especially my oldest who likes to jump out of planes!

  3. Oh, she reminds me of you!

  4. A. Mary, the dog or the kid reminds you of me??