Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We went to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's this past weekend. (gasp!) It's not really as bad as they say. If you are inclined to sit in the same place throughout the duration of your stay. (because to move means an elaborate dodging of adults and children that would make an olympic triathlon athlete proud) And if you have heavy duty earplugs on. And if you do not have any aversions to the smell of stale food and pee ground into carpet. Or better yet, you have lost your sense of smell altogether. And if you have some really dark sunglasses on, you can have a lovely time.
Seriously though, I'm used to it now and I even kind of like the pizza. Also did you know they now serve beer? Nothing screams "family friendly" like masses of out-of-control children and drunk parents not watching them.

Being a creative (or rather forgetful) mom, I thought a homemade card would be nice.
The birthday boy likes Star Wars and our gift was a Clone Wars gun so I thought keeping the theme would be fun.

I quickly drew a sad little picture of either Boba Fett or a clone trooper, take your pick. (or was Boba Fett a clone? I can't remember)
Then Shannon added a nice little gun.
So far so good.
Once I got the writing done, I asked Shannon to draw whatever her little heart desired all over the rest of the card.

This is what she drew.
At first she wrote "clone" which was supposed to be "clown" but when I mistakenly brought that to her attention, she decided to cover it in that fancy blue arch.
Then she wrote "wedo" which is supposed to be "weirdo" but I let that slide. (no time to start over, which would definately happen should I question her choice of words) Besides, the strategically puffy pants on the "clown" was causing me to convulse and snort as I tried unsuccessfully to not laugh out loud.
The last thing I wanted to do was cause her any frustration leading to the necessity of a new card of which we had NO time to make.
Plus this one is funny and the parents of the birthday boy are our good friends. They would never question her inspiration...maybe I should though?


  1. "Happy Brithday" is funny too.

  2. I would guess Mary wrote that part??

  3. I love homemade cards. Kids are so funny!