Monday, October 5, 2009

Yesterday was our twelve year anniversary. Because I'm not much of a sentimentalist and because I find proclaiming gushy thoughts over the internet to be the exact opposite of something I'd do willingly, reverently, and with sound mind, I'll sum up our happy marriage in this photo for all the internet (or likely 3 people) to see.

We don't have any good wedding horror stories to retell. The worst was the leaning cake, but someone caught it before it fell over so tragedy averted there. I just remember acting stupid and giddy all day. I'm not used to (or more importantly, skilled at) socializing with scores of people all at once, thus the stupidness. But the giddiness, well I hope that was due to, you know, getting married. Though it was probably an automatic coping mechanism my body sent me into to avoid being swallowed in a pool of sweat. Because it was 80 degrees out. And my dress was heavy Italian fabric. And so I chose not to wear my corset. Stupid. Why would I have such poor judgement on such an important day? Because I was giddy I suppose.

We had a nice enough day yesterday. The kids slept over at Grandma's so we had a chance to eat out for breakfast. (my favorite eat-out meal) But 17 hours of child-free bliss does not a second honeymoon make so I'm holding out for the year we actually go back to Disneyworld. (we sorely missed the 10-year mark)
Sadly by then we'll fall into the if-you-have-heart-problems-do-not-ride-this-ride category so I'll be satisfied with the small stuff for now.
Here's to a lovely 12 years so far and to using our AARP membership at amusement parks together someday.


  1. Happy Anniversary! We will celebrate #17 in March. Where does the time go?

    Anyway, glad to have found you! Looking forward to getting to know you more!

  2. Hey..don't mock AARP discounts!
    Thought you and Tim did great...and looked great...on your wedding day!